Guidelines for Depositing Specimens in the NPS Special Collection at the AMCC

Please contact the Collections Manager, Svetlana Katanova, to discuss depositing tissue samples into NPS Special Collection at the AMCC. Accepted tissues samples must meet the following conditions:

  • All specimens should be accessioned and cataloged in the NPS system before they are deposited in the NPS Special Collection.
  • All samples must be able to be stored under LN2 conditions.
  • All samples must be able to be stored in AMCC 1.8 ml cryotube vials. Large specimens will be subdivided into multiple aliquots of 1.8 ml vials. Samples sent in non-AMCC standard vials will be transferred to appropriate 1.8 ml cryotube vials.
  • All specimens are relevant to and consistent with the terms of the agreement between AMNH-AMCC and NPS.
  • All specimens will remain in the collection as long as they retain their physical integrity and their relevance to the purpose of the agreement between AMNH-AMCC and NPS.
  • All specimens should be associated with data that should be provided for each individual on a separate line in an electronic spreadsheet (see below) specific to the NPS specimen. In addition to Taxonomy information the following fields must be filled:
    • Accession Number from the park
    • NPS Catalog Number
    • Park Name
    • Collection Date
    • Locality
  • National Park Service Specimen Deposit Form needs to be completed and signed by the park manager. 
  • NPS will provide copies of NPS and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or National Marine Fisheries Service permits upon request by the AMNH/AMCC.
  • Human tissue samples will not be accepted.
  • All Specimens known or suspected to contain infectious agent deemed dangerous to humans will not be accepted.