Crustacean specimen.

For loan and visitation requests, please complete the Loan/Visitation Request Form. Please submit visitation requests at least two weeks prior to your anticipated arrival date.

Donors, please refer to the Invertebrate Zoology policies regarding the deposition of material.

Find out more about our NSF-funded DigIn[vertebrates] project to image and database our marine invertebrates collection!

Curator-in-Charge: Estefania Rodriguez ([email protected])

Collections Assistant: Lily Berniker

The AMNH Crustacea collection consists of approximately 10,000 catalogued specimens, most of which you can find online here.

Last August, we received ~13,000 fiddler crabs from Frank Barnwell. You can see the story of the Frank and his collection here 13,000 Crabs Crawl into a Museum Collection

fiddler crab and collecting label
Fiddler crab Leptuca saltitanta
Jovanni Gonzalez

Here is more on the arrival of the crabs.



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