The Learning Lab

Part of the Einstein exhibition.

This lab offered visitors and school groups a hands-on opportunity to experiment with many of the physics concepts presented throughout the exhibition. Museum laboratory instructors and specially trained Einstein explainers were available to help visitors try out a variety of experiments that link Einstein's work to the latest technology and cutting-edge scientific research, including transmitting sound via laser light and warping the fabric of space-time in a two-dimensional model universe.

For Middle School classes the lab included:

  • Light—A look at how we use light to learn about the universe and communicate with each other.
  • Space–Time—An exploration for students of their own and Einstein's ideas about dimensions, space, and time through hands-on models and animations.

For High School classes the lab included:

  • Energy—Sessions focusing on Einstein's ideas about energy, nuclear power on Earth, and fusion in the Sun.
  • Gravity—An examination of what we know and don't know about gravity--from Newton to Einstein to current scientific research.