Golden Poison Frog

Part of the Frogs: A Chorus of Colors exhibition.

The most poisonous animal is not a snake or a spider. It's a beautiful little frog! Most frogs produce skin toxins, but the poison dart frogs from Central and South America are the most potent of all. The golden poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis), contains enough poison to kill 20,000 mice or 10 people. It is probably the most poisonous animal on Earth; it is so toxic that even touching it can be dangerous. 


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Golden Poison Frog

Phyllobates terribilis

Size: Up to 2 inches
Range: Western Colombia
Habitat: On the ground in lowland rain forest—often near rivers

The golden poison frog is found in moist tropical rain forests. They lay eggs on land, and when the tadpoles hatch, the male carries them on his back to a larger area of water, where they will complete their metamorphosis.