Part of the Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture exhibition.

Celebrating the Harvest

Growing food is hard work. So when seeds finally turn into ripened crops, people all over the world celebrate the bounty that comes in from the fields. Whether it’s a lavish meal on Thanksgiving Day in the United States or a moon cake for China’s Autumn Moon Festival, people of many cultures express their gratitude by preparing, sharing and displaying traditional foods.

Death and Rebirth

Special meals are served for all kinds of occasions, from birthdays and weddings to religious holidays. In many cultures, people also prepare food to honor those who have died. The foods we eat come from living things and are sometimes used as symbols of the life cycle—to mark the end of a life, or to share hope that another life will begin. 

What Does Food Mean to You?

Wellcome Christmas lunch
Anthea Sieveking, Wellcome Images

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