Cocktail Receptions

Offer your guests private viewings of permanent halls or special exhibitions for an unforgettable evening.

Sip champagne as you take in one of the Museum’s iconic galleries with your guests. Choose a location that suits the theme of your evening, whether it is celestial cocktails in the sleek and spacious Cullman Hall of the Universe or an intimate gathering in the Astor Turret with beautiful views of the city skyline and Central Park. Standing receptions are easily accommodated in a variety of galleries, and our team will work with you to identify the best venue for your event.

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Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

Capacity: 1,200 

In this renowned gallery, the Museum’s iconic 94-foot-long blue whale model floats in the ambient light of an undersea realm, encircled by world-famous dioramas depicting scenes from the planet's oceans.

Cullman Hall of the Universe

Capacity: 1,500

The Willamette meteorite, Hayden Planetarium Sphere, and the floating planets of our solar system provide a brilliant setting for receptions, with a high-definition 10-foot-by-16-foot screen for presentations.

Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda

Capacity: 750

A landmark location, the Museum's grand entrance from Central Park West includes a vaulted ceiling that soars 100 feet above the historic murals depicting Roosevelt's travels and showcases the most dynamic dinosaur display in the world.

Akeley Hall of African Mammals

Capacity: 500

The elephants are the main event, flanked by 28 dramatic depictions of the remarkable wildlife and habitats of the late 19th-century African continent.

Fossil Halls

Capacity: 150-400, depending on gallery

Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth

Capacity: 300

The Earth's secrets on display–lava forms, petrified redwoods, and other geologic marvels–are guaranteed to enliven any cocktail reception.

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Hosting an event at the Museum supports scientific research and educational programs.