Field Trip: Asteroids

Part of Astronomy Live

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Rendering of an asteroid belt. © AMNH
Are asteroids space junk or cosmic treasure?

This Asteroid Day, join a virtual live flight to the Asteroid Belt with Museum Curator Denton Ebel and two mission scientists from NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission, the first U.S. mission to collect material from an asteroid and bring it back to Earth for study.

Find out how many asteroids there are, what they’re made of, whether they may have supplied ingredients for life on Earth, and more while Marina Gemma pilots our exploration of the Main Belt, Trojan, and Near-Earth asteroids. Museum Research Associate Harold Connolly, Jr., who serves as the OSIRIS-REx sample scientist, and Vicky Hamilton, who is the mission’s spectroscopy scientist, will be sharing more about this mission to return samples of the carbon-rich asteroid Bennu to Earth in 2023 and answering questions live.

Watch a recording of the livestream below, first aired on June 30, 2020. Or check out the complete playlist of Astronomy Online events.

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