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Our Changing Climate: The Past is the Key to the Present

Part of After School Program


Our global climate is changing. We see the effects in shrinking glaciers and sea ice, anomalous weather patterns like Hurricane Sandy, and dwindling populations of creatures like the polar bear. But what is causing these changes?  Are humans the only cause? During this six-week program, we will explore the various mechanisms for climate change, above and beyond the human influence. We will also learn how climate scientists are able to make the claims they do—what is the evidence for these patterns of change? Most importantly, participants will research past climate change events and link them to present-day changes to gain a deeper understanding of what is actually happening. After all, when it comes to science, the past is often the key to the present.  

Meeting Times: Tuesdays and Fridays: 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Meeting Dates: 2/25, 2/28, 3/4, 3/7, 3/11, 3/14, 3/18, 3/21, 3/25, 3/28, 4/1, 4/4