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Killer Snails (Grades 8-12)

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Cone Snail

Killer Snails: A Game Development Program with a Deadly Touch

Watch out, Pokémon! Move over, Magic! Here come... the Killer Snails!

Join Museum Research Associate Mandë Holford and a professional game designer to create a new game about cone snails (Conus), beautifully small marine packages that pack a wicked, deadly punch.

Cone snails are silent assassins of the sea, using venom delivered through a needle-like tooth to attack prey. Their nerve toxins are so powerful they can rapidly paralyze a large fish—or kill an unwary person. Yet in a surprising twist of nature, deadly venom toxins can become life-saving drugs! Toxins from cone snails have already yielded a useful pain drug, and future cone snail medicines could potentially be used to fight epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Last year cone snails were featured in a special exhibition on poisons. Now, you can help develop their next role, starring in an “intoxicating” card game to be distributed by the Museum. During this weeklong, full-day program, work with scientists and game designers to learn about venom toxins, game design—and killer snails.

Learn more in this video! (information about cone snails starting at 2:48)

February 16-20, 2015

Monday to Friday

10 am-4 pm

Free of charge

Grades 8-12

Applications are no longer being accepted