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Science Questions

Unfortunately, we can no longer answer general science questions. We encourage you to find an answer at one of these sites:

You may also call the Hayden Planetarium Astronomy Question and Answer Hotline at 212-769-5901.

Astrophysics Career Questions

If you have a question about a career in astronomy and astrophysics, please email us with your question. It may take some time to reply, but we will try to reply to all career-related questions. Please do not inquire about internships or mentoring here at the museum. Museum internships are available through:

Museum Questions

Please direct general museum questions (tickets, upcoming programs, hours, or visiting the museum), to the Museum contact page. We are a department of scientists and cannot answer these questions.

Questions for Dr. Tyson

Questions and comments may be submitted to the Neil deGrasse Tyson contact page

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