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Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: Apollo Mission Landings and Lunar Phases Find out how the lunar phases helped Apollo astronauts to land on the Moon, and what they saw when they looked back at Earth. July 19, 2019 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: Why Does Earth Have Seasons? The amount of daylight we experience varies from place to place. Find out why Earth’s tilt is the reason we have seasons. May 11, 2019 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: Looking Back in Time at the Speed of Light Light takes time to travel from stars and distant galaxies to observers here on Earth. How much have the stars changed since first... December 10, 2018 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: Mars's Closest Approach In 15 Years This year, Earth and Mars will be closer than they’ve been since 2003. Why are the planets especially close this year, and what can... July 27, 2018 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: How Does Our Solar System Move Around the Milky Way? The planets orbit the sun in a fairly flat plane. How does this solar system move around the Milky Way Galaxy? May 20, 2018 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: More Than Meets the Eye The sky is awash in light, most of which we cannot sense with our eyes. What do we see when we use telescopes to peer into the invisible? December 20, 2017 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: Saturn Shows Off Its Rings Saturn’s rings are captivating from any vantage point, but more so when tilted fully towards or away from Earth, as there are this... October 19, 2017 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: Tracking the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse A total solar eclipse is a singularly magnificent phenomenon. See how the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017, appears from... August 14, 2017 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: The Big Dipper Through Time Stars aren’t still—they move through space. So why do today’s constellations closely resemble those depicted by ancient astronomers? July 28, 2017 Hayden Planetarium Blog Skylight: How TRAPPIST-1’s Earth’s-sized Planets Compare to our Solar System TRAPPIST-1’s earth-sized planets are much closer together than the planets of our solar system. See how the scale of this recently... June 23, 2017 Hayden Planetarium Blog Twilight Scenes Jupiter is prominent in the night sky this month along with bright stars of the summer triangle. June 21, 2017 Hayden Planetarium Blog Eyes on a Mysterious Star Tabby's Star, discovered by the Kepler Mission, is the latest object to confound scientists, who continue to search for understanding. May 15, 2017
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