Digital Universe Distribution

Find out where you can see the Digital Universe.
Space Station Over Earth

The Digital Universe is now distributed to planetariums, science centers, and museums around the world. You can see the atlas in its native form where you are taken on a live flight through the Universe (or pilot yourself through the Universe), or in a pre-rendered video, such as a planetarium space show or video feature, like Skylight.

Free Version

Of course, the free version of Digital Universe + Partiview is available from this web site. Partiview is a efficient, but bare-boned software that allows you to fly from the Sun out to the edge of the observable universe.

The atlas is also available via OpenSpace, a more sophisticated software that requires a dedicated graphics card.

Exhibits & Courses at the Museum

Astronomy Live Planetarium Programs: Live tours of the night sky and journeys through the 3-D cosmos.

Space Shows: The Digital Universe provides the basis for the Museum's Space Shows, featured at the Hayden Planetarium and distributed to planetariums around the world.