Calpendo Scheduling Tutorial

Below are the general instructions for making reservations in our new scheduling software. Do not request an account without having contacted staff to discuss your scheduling needs.


The website for scheduling can be found at


If you are a new user of the MIF, you must reach out to staff before requesting your account, or attempting to schedule. We do not accept users who have not met with MIF staff to discuss their intended work.

If you are a new user with an AMNH email address, you must register via the SSO option.

If you do not have an AMNH account, please register creating your own user name and password


Once we receive your request we will verify your identity and approve your account.


From the main Welcome window you can see some of the things you can do with Calpendo

  • You can go back to the main information pages
  • View the various calendars
  • You can see the permissions breakdown under "Templates" (not necessary to check this, the rules are all applied)
  • You can search your own bookings
  • You can create "Projects" which can be assigned to your scheduled days so you can see how much time is spent on a project
  • Under "Search" you can create a report of all your booking activity which includes all information submitted in your booking forms
  • Under "Help" you'll be able to access FAQ and a User Guide, which will fill in anything not in this tutorial


To schedule an instrument:


Start by going to the calendars tab at the top, you will see a drop down menu.

calpendo calendar tab
  • Calendar: will be your list of shortcuts you will create
  • All: all instruments in view
  • Computer Room: have only PCs in view
  • MIF: all but the PC's in view


Select Calendar and you can create a calendar view only containing your instruments of interest.


On the left select Bookmarks and then Edit resources to display

calpendo edit resources button
calpendo edit resources button

In the pop up window you can select which instruments you typically use, once selected they will turn purple.


Click OK and they will appear under Resources on the left side of the screen

From here you can click on an instrument on the list if you want to view only one calendar at a time, otherwise they will all appear together.

Switch to Week view from the upper right. If you are not in week view - you will not be able to see whether a day is Discretionary or a Museum Holiday.


In this view you will see the time that you are eligible to book. Weekdays between 9 and 6 will be yellow indicating that you may request the time. Days or hours that are red are either After Hours time for an instrument you are not trained on, or unavailable due to a Holiday. If you hover over red days you will be able to see why the day is unavailable.


If you see scheduling limits where you believe you should not have them, let MIF staff know. The yellow indicates you are eligible to reserve, not whether or not you are at your limit of allowable hours or days.

For all instruments besides the CT, you can click and drag on the specific day to reserve specific periods of time. The CT defaults to 9 hours of time. The minimum booking for other instruments is 3 hours.


When you click on a day a pop up booking form will appear. You can change several things on this form:

  • You change who you are making the booking for
  • You can change the date and time
  • You can choose to not receive a reminder email or to change the period of time
  • You cannot change the "Status"
  • In "Description" please input notes about the work you intend to complete or any notes for the MIF staff.
  • Each instrument will have different specialized forms. For example the PC forms ask if you will be On-site, the SEMs will ask what detectors you need. For the CT machine you will have to put specimen numbers for what you intend to scan that day. These are not required at the time of booking, but must be added in at a later time.

You are able to edit your booking before the appointment, but drop down menus are required at time of booking. Once you submit a booking, it is saved on the calendar but still pending until approval. You can check to see if bookings were rejected. If your booking is in excess of your allowable time, you will see an error that tells you how many hours are allowed.

There are many other functionalities in Calpendo that you can look through in the User Guide.


As always reach out to MIF staff if you need further help.