Natural Science Collections Conservation

The AMNH Natural Sciences Conservation lab was founded in 2001 under the direction of the Office of the Associate Dean of Science for Collections. The lab’s staff provides oversight for natural science collections conservation.

Natural science collections are a shared legacy and, at all educational levels, provide the basis for much of what we know about this planet and our place on it. The data held in natural science collections is infinite and new information is discovered with each new technology. Appropriate collection care is critical so as new techniques emerge, intact and well-preserved collections are available upon which to use them. Much remains to be learned from even the most studied specimen. 

A Resource for Conserving and Preserving Natural History Collections 

The information presented here applies to collections, no matter what their size. While there will always be a need for remedial conservation treatment for specific specimens, the focus of this site is preventive care, which provides the most strategic approach to applying resources that will maximize the life of collections and, hopefully, ensure that they provide the basis for research, learning, and education for generations to come. 

For more general information on the power and importance of natural science collections, see the Natural Science Collections Alliance booklet, Collective Knowledge.

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