Changing Atmosphere

Wild Weather

The atmosphere is warming. We're starting to feel the effects.

A warming atmosphere affects more than just air temperatures: while heat waves and droughts are becoming more common and intense, rainstorms are also becoming more powerful, sometimes provoking dangerous floods.

Additional Resources

Make Your Own Weather Station

Surrounding Earth is a layer of air, the atmosphere, where conditions are always changing.Try your hand at 


predicting weather patterns by making a wind vane, a rain gauge, and a barometer.

Climate Change Graphics from the Hall of Planet Earth

A year without a summer? Volcanic eruptions recorded in ice? Take a look at the world through the eyes of a geologist, and see the effects of climate changes.


How Hot is That Ice?

Ancient snow—now in the form of ice—reveals a lot about past temperatures: the chemical makeup of snow depends on the air temperature at which it formed.


Clouds and Aerosols

You may not know it, but clouds help control temperatures on Earth. Droplets of water or ice particles suspended in clouds, as well as bits of dust and other particles floating in the air, called aerosols, reflect and absorb light and heat coming into and leaving our planet.