Making a Difference

Part of the Climate Change exhibition.


How do we contribute to global warming? In most parts of the world, when we use energy, we produce CO2 emissions.

Lowering emissions to help curb climate change is possible, starting right now. Consuming less, riding the train instead of driving solo or unplugging idle electronics may seem like small steps, but these measures make a difference, especially when whole communities do them.

A little greenery

A green wall display at the Climate Change exhibition.
Denis Finnin/AMNH

When it comes to global warming, even small actions—if millions of people do them—can make a big difference. For example, building designers might incorporate wall plantings similar to the one displayed in the photo at right along building facades. Not only do these vertical gardens command attention, they help shade buildings to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions. Green walls and roofs are becoming more widely used on buildings around the world.

Additional Resources

There are many ways to save energy and consume less—starting now. How much can you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions? Is it worth it? Learn how simple choices multiplied by everyone in your community can make a big difference.