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Resources For Educators: Climate Change

Part of the Climate Change exhibition.

Three photos: a chimney releasing billowing white gas; a close-up of cracked dry earth; an aerial photo of an ice shelf with broken sections and melting water flowing into the sea.
Climate Change: The Threat to Life and A New Energy Future explores how climate works, why it is warming, what the consequences might be, and how to address them. This comprehensive guide will help you explore the exhibition with your students. 

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Use these free online resources before or after your visit to further explore themes presented in the Climate Change exhibition.

story What is Climate Change? This isn't the first time Earth's climate has changed, but it's the first time human activity has caused it. Learn more about global... Video SALT: Imaging the Southern Sky With a telescope this big, the future is bright for South African astronomy.   Climate Change Online Resources     Climate Change: Answers to Guiding Questions   Educator Materials Using Solar Energy After having students conduct a simple solar energy experiment, challenge them to build a better water heater with this classroom... Educator Materials Environmental Alphabet "Atmosphere," "biofuels," "carbon dioxide"—challenge students to spell out their climate change knowledge... Educator Materials Climate Change Circle of Consequences "Greenhouse effect" and "global warming" are becoming household phrases but how, exactly, are they linked? Explore... Educator Materials How Greenhouse Gases Absorb Heat In this experiment students will observe two model atmospheres to understand how greenhouse gases absorb and hold heat. Educator Materials Carbon Dioxide Removal Students in grades 3-8 can observe and learn about the carbon cycle in this experiment. Interactive Climate Change: The Multiplier Effect How much can you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions? Is it worth it? Learn how simple choices multiplied by everyone in your community... Article Warming Signs (Science World) Earth's climate is changing, and according to scientists today's kids will bear the brunt of the potentially damaging affects of... Article Planet Disaster? (SuperScience) The world's climate is changing. Scientists say the effects of these changes could be devastating to living things on Earth—including...