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A.7.2.1. Guffey (meteotite + slab) C hero

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Extraterrestrial steel

In 1907, while herding cattle in Colorado, two cowboys discovered this meteorite, a 309-kilogram (680-pound) iron mass. The American Museum of Natural History purchased the specimen, called Guffey, shortly thereafter.

No other pieces of Guffey have ever been found, yet several museums around the United States have samples of it. Over the years, researchers at this museum have removed small portions of the "main mass" of Guffey and sent them to other museums in exchange for other rare meteorite specimens. Such pieces also allow scientists to examine the inside of the sample. This slab reveals that the meteorite has a composition and structure much like that of manufactured steel.

Collection Information


Found 1907

Park County, Colorado, USA


AMNH 213 (mass)

AMNH 4379 (slab)

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Topic: Earth Science

Subtopic: Meteorites

Keywords: Astrophysics, Astrogeology, Astronomy--Research, Meteorites, Iron, Steel

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