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2013 Margaret Mead Filmmaker Awardwinners

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2013 Mead Filmmaker Awardwinners: Sarah Gavron and David Katznelson

With 14 directors (of 11 films) in contention for the Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award this year, the 2013 Mead Jury has chosen two winners: Sarah Gavron and David Katznelson directed A Village at the End of the World, a surprisingly feel-good look at life in a remote Inuit village in Northern Greenland, where the people are confronting challenges familiar to many rural communities against a dramatic backdrop of melting Arctic ice.


Gemma Purkiss, the film's production assistant, accepted the award on behalf of the co-directors, Sarah Gavron and David Katznelson, at the 2013 Margaret Mead Film Festival award ceremony on Sunday evening. 

Watch the trailer for A Village at the End of the World.

The film was co-presented by Scandinavia House.

Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Honorable Mention: Lalita Krishna

The jury also honored Lalita Krishna for her film Mallamall, which depicts a retail revolution in modern India. As a burgeoning middle class looks for more Western goods and services, large shopping malls have arrived to meet the demand, radically shifting the shopping culture and threatening the livelihood of traditional merchants. The landscape of retail is transforming from vibrant open-air markets with jewel-colored saris, aromatic spices, and feisty personalities to homogeneous, clean, and meticulously branded chain stores.


The film was co-presented by Incredible India!