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How to Watch 360 Video

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The  Museum’s original video series, Shelf Life, is back. To see how the Museum built its amazing scientific collections, season 2 takes viewers on a series of Museum expeditions around the world—360 degrees around it!

You can now interact with some Shelf Life videos, even immersing yourself in them using a headset. With so much to see, and so many ways to see it, you might find yourself wondering how to take it all in.

Don’t worry – we’ve been through that too, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. To get the most out of your 360 viewing experience and figure out which way to watch is right for you, check out the short video below.


Got it? Great! Now go forth, and watch the first of these 360 videos below. You can expect more of them to accompany some episodes of Shelf Life season 2, so don’t be afraid to watch this one a few times—practice makes perfect, after all!