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Catalogues of the Pleurodont Iguanian Families

In the 1950s Richard Etheridge and Ernest Williams began constructing a taxonomic catalogue of the Iguanidae as it was known at the time, the intention being to publish this work in the series Das Tierreich. Williams was to complete the anoles and their allies, while Etheridge was to complete all of the remaining species. After many years of effort, by the early 1980s Etheridge's component of the catalogue was complete for the time, while the anole section remained quite incomplete. With the cessation in the 1990s of the venerable Das Tierreich serial, and the death of Ernest Williams in 1998 it became less clear that the pleurodont iguanian catalog would ever see publication, although Etheridge had distributed xerox copies to most of the students of iguanian systematics to make sure that the effort, while uncelebrated by publication, certainly was available as an aid to those working on the systematics of pleurodont iguanians. In 1998 Frost had the two (non-anole and anole) typescript manusripts scanned and placed in word-processing files, with the hope that work could start in earnest once again. But the project was put on the back burner while Etheridge pursued his work on Liolaemidae and Frost was engaged in various non-iguanian projects.

In 2007 the electronic version of the two manuscripts were manually cleaned up and the literature citations placed in EndNote, which allowed a level of standardization heretofore unattainable. Etheridge, began work again in earnest on various sections, while Frost worked in fits and starts on the Polychrotidae and Phrynosomatidae.

The Pleurodonta (sensu Frost and Etheridge, 2001) catalogue is in an early stage towards being placed into a searchable database, similar to Amphibian Species of the World . We make no claims or the accuracy of the information but hope that access to this information will aid workers in their systematic progress in the Iguania.



Phrynosomatidae (under construction)
Polychrotidae (under construction)