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Trilobite specimens

This Trilobite website is designed to have several unique characteristics, all presented to provide visitors with an entertaining and hopefully enlightening experience with these amazing ancient arthropods.

Each of our featured Trilobite Localities has been chosen for its particular geographic or historic significance. As an example, it was decided to launch the site by focusing upon a locality within New York State, the home of the American Museum of Natural History. The Rochester Shale has long been renowned for its diverse Silurian fauna, including Arctinurus boltoni, which in 1825 was only the second trilobite species described from New York State. We will also visit many of the world's most prominent trilobites locations… from the hot deserts of Morocco, to the rolling hills of China, to the high altiplano of Bolivia. Our intent here is to provide a more detailed overview of exactly how and where many of our featured specimens were found.

The Gallery of Trilobites will display some of the very best specimens that have been collected in localities around the globe. We will do our best to present specimens possessing unique scientific import, as well as those that are simply magnificent examples of their specific species. 

In The Trilobite Files, we will present detailed reports that delve into the myriad mysteries of the trilobite world. From the first trilobites, to the uniqueness of trilobite eyes, to the amazing tale told by the widespread distribution of the trilobite Paradoxides, all these issues – and many more – will be properly addressed and “filed” in this website section.                                                                                          

Despite the fact that this website is designed and maintained by amateur trilobite enthusiasts, we will always try to make sure that scientific accuracy is prioritized.

All text on the Trilobite Website is copyright of its editors, Andy Secher and/or Martin Shugar, unless otherwise noted.