Trilobite Hall of Fame: Best of the Best

Among the more than 25,000 recognized trilobite species, there are invariably a few examples that due to either their sheer visual “wow” factor or the noteworthy role they’ve played in paleontological history, stand head and shoulders (or perhaps we should say glabella and occipital lobe) above all others. Due to their unique combination of rarity, beauty and scientific import, these singularly distinctive trilobites deserve special recognition, and it is our intent here to provide just such an appreciative salute. We thus induct each of these stunning specimens into the AMNH Trilobite Website Hall of Fame, a place to honor some of the most noteworthy Paleozoic relics ever found, anywhere. These trilobites are, quite simply, the best of the best and will be honored with a special “[H.o.F.]” designation wherever their photos appear throughout this website.

Acadoparadoxides levisettii [H.o.F.] Acidaspis cincinnatiensis [H.o.F.] Albertella longwelli [H.o.F.] Ameura missouriensis [H.o.F.] Amphilichas cornutus [H.o.F.] Asaphopsoides yongshunensis [H.o.F.] Asaphus kowalewskii [H.o.F.] Balizoma cf. variolaris [H.o.F.] Boedaspis ensifer [H.o.F.] Bouleia dagincourti [H.o.F.] Bristolia insolens [H.o.F.] Bumastus barriensis [H.o F.] Calymene blumenbachii [H.o.F.] Celmus barrandei [H.o.F.] Ceraurinus marginatus [H.o.F.] Ceraurus sp. [H.o.F.] Ctenocephalus cf. terranovicus [H.o.F.] Damesella paronai [H.o.F.] Deiphon barrandei Dicranopeltis nereus [H.o.F.] Dicranurus hamatus elegantus [H.o.F.] Didrepanon barrowi [H.o.F.] Dikelocephalus minnesotensis [H.o.F.] Ectenaspis homanolotoides [H.o.F.] Eldredgeops milleri [H.o.F.] Encrinurus egani [H.o.F.] Erbenochile erbeni [H.o.F.] Gabriceraurus sp. [H.o.F.] Gabriellus kierorum [H.o.F.] Hemiarges paulianus [H.o.F.] Hungioides bohemicus arouquensis [H.o.F.] Hypodicranotus striatulus [H.o.F.] Isotelus maximus [H.o.F.] Megistaspidella acuticauda [H.o.F.] Meneviella venulosa [H.o.F] Metopolichas breviceps [H.o.F.] Metopolichas cf. platyrhinus [H.o.F.] Metopolichas huebneri [H.o.F.] Novakella copei [H.o.F.] Odontocephalus ageria [H.o.F.] Ogygiocarella angustissima [H.o.F.] Olenoides superbus [H.o.F.] Orygmaspis (Parabolinoides) contracta [H.o.F.] Paraceraurus aculeatus [H.o.F.] Paraceraurus exsul [H.o.F.] Paradoxides davidis trapezopyge [H.o.F.] Paradoxides davidis [H.o.F.] Paradoxides sp. [H.o.F.] Placoparina sedgewickii sedgewickii [H.o.F.] Placoparina sedgwicki shelvensis [H.o.F.] Probolichas kristiae [H.o.F.] Pseudomera cf. barrandei [H.o.F.] Pudoproetus fernglenensis [H.o.F.] Quadrops flexuosa [H.o.F.] Radiaspis sp. [H.o.F.] Raymondites spiniger [H.o.F.] Scotoharpes spasskii [H.o.F.] Toxochasmops (Toxochasmops) bissetti [H.o.F.] Trimerus (Trimerus) delphinocephalus [H.o.F]

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