Department Library and Archives

About the DLA 

The Mammalogy Departmental Library & Archives (DLA) is a small but extensive non-lending library devoted to the paper and film collections of AMNH mammalogists and associated colleagues. The DLA is as old as the Museum itself, founded in 1879. Its current housing was constructed in 1891 and maintains much of its Victorian flavor.

Policy for Use of Archival Material

Archival material (field notes, correspondence, photographs) relating to individuals, organization, or expeditions is available to researchers at the discretion of the departmental curator-in-charge.


The DLA is located on the fifth floor in the AMNH's Department of Mammalogy. Brief email, mail or telephone queries are answered to the best of the staff's ability but users are encouraged to carry out their own research. Black and white prints cannot be sent on approval. Extensive research queries (over one hour) will be charged $25.00 an hour.

Permission to Visit

Permission to visit the DLA is required in advance.  To schedule your visit, contact Elizabeth Taylor ([email protected]). 

Hours (by appointment only)

Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
Closed weekends and museum holidays (listed on the visiting the collections page) 

Conditions for Photoduplication

Photocopied material from the Mammalogy Departmental Library & Archives of the American Museum of Natural History is for an individual's sole use in research or private study and is provided as a convenience to scholars. As such, this material may not be transferred to another individual or institution without the written permission of the curator-in-charge of the Department of Mammalogy.


Reproduction of material does not constitute permission to publish. Such permission must be requested in writing to the curator-in-charge and if permission is granted, it is understood that the applicant will acknowledge the Department of Mammalogy. All responsibility for questions of copyright are assumed by the applicant.

Permission to Use Archival Material

Permission to publish, transmit electronically or display publicly any image or material must be requested in writing from the Department of Mammalogy. Publication permission is granted for one-time use only. Fees for usage are listed below.

Black & White Prints made from negatives on file in the DLA may be purchased for reference and reproduction purposes. Please allow approximately three weeks for processing.

  • contact prints = $10.00
  • enlargements to 8" x 10" = $12.00
  • enlargements from tightly rolled/brittle negatives = $15.00
  • enlargements to 11" x 14" = $20.00
  • photocopy of file print = $1.50

Printing fees do not include reproduction rights.


Cash, money orders and personal checks are accepted. It is understood that the applicant will pay for the cost of the reproduction promptly upon receipt of his or her bill.


De Keyserlyke Bibliotheek en Rariteyt Kamer"   etched by Jan Luyken (1649-1712)  AMNH Library photo #337441