Donating Specimens

The department maintains strict standards for donations accepted into the collection. Only legally acquired and properly documented specimens from known collecting localities will be considered. Typically it is only specimens that have been collected in the course of a scientific field study that meet these requirements, so the department does not usually accept donations from members of the general public. 

If you would like to discuss a possible donation please contact the collections manager, Neil Duncan ([email protected]), or the curator-in-charge, Dr. Nancy Simmons ([email protected]).

Donating Bat Tissue and Hair Samples for Genomic and Stable Isotope Analysis 

Currently the department is actively interested in increasing the scope of the bat tissue collection in order to provide data for a number of ongoing studies. Detailed instructions are available for donating bat tissue and hair samples, along with information on how these studies are being used to address the effects of wind farms on migratory bats and the impact of white nose syndrome. more...