Online Types Database

The online types database is being upgraded and will not be available until the upgrade is complete. Detailed information about the AMNH Mammalogy types collection can be found in  "Catalog of Recent Mammal Types in the American Museum of Natural History" by Marie A. Lawrence (1993; Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, Number 217). If you have any questions regarding the types collection please contact the department directly by emailing [email protected]

About the Types Collection

The Department of Mammalogy holds over 1200 type specimens representing 21 orders, 69 families, and 341 genera. Specimens in the types collection are not available to loan.

Approximately 500 of the specimens in the types collection have been digitally photographed. These include bats, insectivores, marsupials, xenarthrans, primates and some carnivores. To inquire about obtaining high-resolution copies of images, send an e-mail to Collections Manager Neil Duncan.