All mammalian tissue samples have been transferred to the AMNH Ambrose Monell Cryo Collection (AMCC). Information regarding holdings can be found on the AMCC website by looking in the searchable database of tissues, or by contacting the AMCC directly.


Requests for loans of tissues should be sent to the Department of Mammalogy as departmental approval is required before the loan is processed in the AMCC. Email a completed Tissue Loan Application to [email protected].

Once the application has been submitted, general questions and correspondence regarding loan status should be directed to the AMCC collections manager Svetlana Katanova ([email protected]).

Obtaining Tissue Samples From Specimens

In order to obtain tissue samples from preserved specimens, such as skin punches, dried tissue from skeletal specimens, tooth drilling, etc., researchers must submit an application for destructive sampling. Please see the destructive sampling page for more information on how to apply.