Scientist Profile: Dr. Sujay Kaushal


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Scientist Profile: Dr. Sujay Kaushal
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Watch the video profile now that the students know a little more about Baltimore and Dr. Kaushal’s research.  Ask students to write any questions that they have while watching the video.


Use the video profile of Dr. Kaushal’s story to connect the unit with the motivation for the research and to remind students that this case study is based on REAL scientific data.

Key Idea: Science is a human endeavor.

Question: As you watch the video of Dr. Kaushal, think about his research and what characteristics make him a scientist?
Answer:  Analytical, ability to do research, observant, open-minded, aware, smart/intellectual, curious

Question:  What motivated Dr. Kaushal to do this type of research? Why was he interested in the water in the streams? What does the river mean to him?
Answer:  Dr. Kaushal felt connected to streams and water since his early childhood in rural Tennessee when he hiked his local stream to discover its headwaters. As an adult, he began to look more closely at the power of stream water. He saw how even small streams can move large items such as motorcycles, which caused him to begin to think about how water moves other smaller materials like salt into streams and rivers.

Question:  What questions did you have while watching the video?
Answer:  Answers will vary.