Birding at the Museum: Great Diorama Artists

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Throughout the 20th century, artists specializing in birds traveled to the field, where they were able to capture precisely the animals' colors and movements for the background paintings of the Museum’s dioramas. 

Birding Artists Video Flamingoes
Pink flamingoes: Painted by noted bird artist Louis Agassiz Fuertes, you can find this colony of flamingoes in the Sanford Hall of North American Birds, on the Museum's third floor. 

As long-time exhibition artist Stephen C. Quinn explains in a new video, artists including painters Louis Agassiz Fuertes (at the Museum in the early 20th century) and Francis Lee Jacques (at the Museum from 1924−1942) and taxidermist David Schwendeman (at the Museum from 1959−1987) used their talents to create stunningly real bird scenes throughout the Museum's permanent halls, not only in bird-centric halls like the Hall of Birds of the World and the Sanford Hall of North American Birds but also in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.