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Enter the Jelly Dome

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Want to find out what it’s like to live like among jellyfish? You’ve got just a couple more weeks to explore the Jelly Dome, an immersive video experience open through June 30 in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life

You can study up on jellyfish and jellies right here on the Museum blog—starting with an explanation of the difference between the two!

Multi-tentacled jellyfish floats undersea.
The Crown Jellyfish is one of many amazing species you can encounter in The Jelly Dome.
Courtesy of D. Keats/Flickr

You’ll spot many different jellies and jellyfish from around the world in the Jelly Dome. Meet a couple of species to watch out for.

Jellyfish trailing long, frilly, dangling tentacles dives deeper underwater.
The frilly oral arms of this sea nettle jelly are on display above. 
Courtesy K. Edblom/Flickr

Jellyfish don’t have brains—and that’s just one of the fascinating facts about their anatomy. Find out what makes a jellyfish.

Saucer-like moon jellyfish floats along undersea, with other moon jellyfish visible in the background.
The bell of the moon jellyfish is ringed with many fine tentacles.
Courtesy of A. Vasenin/Wikimedia Commons

Different species of jellies have different attributes—including one that can return to its formative stages to (seemingly) cheat death!

Jellyfish has the appearance of strands of glowing light coming together to form a bulbous shape.
Bathocyroe fosteri, a species of bioluminescent comb jelly common in the Mid-Atlantic.
Courtesy of M. Youngbluth/Wikimedia Commons

To learn more about jellies—and experience life in their underwater world—visit The Jelly Dome through June 30 in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.