How to Paint a Barosaurus

by AMNH on

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Recently, we shared a photo of the Barosaurus cast in the Museum’s Rotunda on Snapchat, and asked our followers there to use their artistic skills to spruce it up a little bit.

You all did not disappoint. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite interpretations!


Drawing of a green dinosaur and trees over a photo of the Museum's Barosaurus skeleton.

Actually, the Rotunda looks pretty good with some foliage…



Drawing of stage curtains and ballet costume and slippers over a photo of the Museum's Barosaurus skeleton, text reads "BALLETsaurus".

Apologies if, like us, you are never able to see the Barosaurus as anything but a giant ballet dancer ever again. 



Drawing of a girl and a floating blue whale over a photo of a person standing next to the Museum's Barosaurus skeleton.

A+ picture, but we do ask that you refrain from riding any of the dinosaurs IRL. You’d be surprised how often we have to make that clear. 



Drawing of a dragon and stars over a photo of the Museum's Barosaurus skeleton, text reads "Make us a masterpiece".

And with Game of Thrones returning this weekend, how could we not share this “Barosaurus-as-dragon” interpretation? 


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