2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Artificial Intelligence

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A robotic eye is surrounded by the words "Artificial Intelligence" with the AMNH name and logo on top

Isaac Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics might be seen as early safeguards for our reliance on artificial intelligence, but as Alexa guides our homes and automated cars replace human drivers, are those Three Laws enough?

In this podcast, listen in as a panel of experts led by host and moderator Neil deGrasse Tyson, Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium, discuss how A.I. is opening doors to limitless possibilities, and if we’re ready for them. You will hear from John Giannandrea of Google; Helen Greiner of the iRobot Corporation and CyPhy Works; Ruchir Puri of IBM; Max Tegmark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Michael P. Wellman of the University of Michigan. The 2018 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate took place at the Museum on February 13, 2018.


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The late Dr. Isaac Asimov, one of the most prolific and influential authors of our time, was a dear friend and supporter of the American Museum of Natural History. In his memory, the Hayden Planetarium is honored to host the annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate — generously endowed by relatives, friends, and admirers of Isaac Asimov and his work — bringing the finest minds in the world to the Museum each year to debate pressing questions on the frontier of scientific discovery.