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Milstein Science Series: Whales

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The Museum logo superimposed over a photo of the Hall of Ocean Life with the blue whale suspended from the ceiling and exhibition hall's dioramas in distant background.

The oceans are home to about 80 species of whales, each unique and interesting in ways that fascinate of people of all ages. Learn more about these marine giants in this Milstein Science Series 2013 program, "Whales".

In this podcast, hear scientists Howard Rosenbaum, director of the Ocean Giants Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society and research associate at the American Museum of Natural History, and Christopher Clark, the I.P. Johnson director of the Bioacoustics Research Program at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, discuss current whale research and and issues surrounding the protection of whales.

This program took place as a part of the Milstein Science Series program at the Museum on May 19th, 2013, and was presented in conjunction with the special exhibition "Whales: Giants of the Deep," on view from March 23, 2013 through January 5, 2014.

Podcast: Download | RSS | iTunes (1 hour, 16 mins, 92 MB)

The Milstein Science Series is proudly sponsored by the Irma and Paul Milstein Family.

This year the Museum celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.