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Shooting with Mursi


Directed By: Olisarali Olibui and Ben Young
2009 | 57 min
Friday, November 12: 6:30 pm

Linder Theater
Filmmakers in person

Deep in the heart of Ethiopia's fertile Omo Valley, the Mursi are a nomadic people ruled by consensus and the wisdom of elders. Uprooting seasonally in order to graze their cattle and avoid the rainy season, they now find themselves encircled by three national parks, none of which they are allowed to enter. As roads that will crisscross their land are being built to facilitate tourism and recreational game hunting, the Mursi and their culture face extinction. A leader in his age group, the English-speaking Olisarali Olibui takes a digital camera among his tribe, capturing a candid portrayal of his people and their customs as they face the modern world and unwanted change that seems inevitable.Co-presenters: The Center for Media, Culture and History, NYU • The Center for Religion and Media, NYU• Third World Reel