Soul Food Stories


Tonislav Hristov
2013 | 69 minutes | Finland, Bulgaria
New York Premiere 

The modest Bulgarian village of Satovchka, where Orthodox Bulgarians and Islamic Turks live alongside gypsies and Communists, boasts as many philosophies of life as it does inhabitants. The local populations coexist in peace, eschewing violent conflicts of the past and united by social clubs celebrating all manner of interests. Soul Food Stories zeroes in on seven members of one of these clubs—a group of men who meet regularly and attempt to solve all the world's problems over a good meal. Their shared good humor and appetites belie divisions over acceptance of homosexuality, women’s rights, and other issues that occasion heated debate. Interviews with this diverse collection of characters and other aging villagers paint a picture of a place where Old World values and expectations are being reshaped to resist or accept the encroachment of the modern world. 

Preceded by the Mead Mixer, a daily happy hour in Cafe on One from 6-7:30 pm

Film print provided by Taskovski Films

Co-presented by CEC Artslink and the Tribeca Film Festival