The Mead 2015 Films

Programs and Events Opening Night: Circus Without Borders Two premier acrobats from separate corners of the globe bring hope to their struggling communities Programs and Events Albert Maysles Tribute In honor of the iconic filmmaker Albert Maysles, this year’s retrospective screening features three of the many projects he worked... Programs and Events Avant Argentine superstar Julio Bocca struggles to restore the fortunes of Uruguay’s national ballet Programs and Events Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice A delicate meditation on globalism and how we relate to others in a rapidly globalizing world Programs and Events Bering. Balance and Resistance (Bering. Equilibrio y Resistencia) Residents of the fabled Bering Strait balance a modern lifestyle with the preservation of ancient customs and language Programs and Events El Cacao Neoliberal ideology, human rights, and the economics of fair trade collide in this look at the chocolate industry Programs and Events Containment How will we warn future societies about buried radioactive waste? Programs and Events China Remix In Guangzhou, three African immigrants seek success in the local hip-hop scene. Programs and Events Drawing the Tiger A girl in rural Nepal confronts the hope and burden of trying to break free from generations of poverty Programs and Events Driving with Selvi An 18-year-old escapes an abusive marriage and becomes South India’s first female taxi driver Programs and Events Earth’s Children (Hijos de la Tierra) Daily life of Kechwa-Lamista children in the Peruvian Amazon as documented by the community Programs and Events East Punk Memories A documentarian returns to interview Hungarian punk musicians she first filmed in the ’80s Programs and Events Elephant’s Dream Stories of workers at public institutions illuminate the struggle between modernity and colonial legacy Programs and Events Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase In this special showcase we present three of the newest shorts to come out of the Visual Anthropology tradition. Programs and Events Enter the Faun Sold out - A veteran choreographer and a man with cerebral palsy challenge the boundaries of art and medicine Programs and Events Ever the Land New Zealand’s passionately independent tribe Ngāi Tūhoe builds one of the world’s first Living Buildings Programs and Events Exit Zero Following the collapse of Chicago’s steel industry, families explore loss and work to rebuild. Programs and Events Flor de la Mar Venezuelan fishermen fight to protect the ruins of the first European city in the Americas Programs and Events The Funeral Singer A Vietnamese funeral singer celebrates life and family through the process of death and grieving Programs and Events Haida Gwaii: On the Edge of the World A riveting account of the fight to preserve the land, sea, & people of Haida Gwaii, BC. Programs and Events Hajwalah A young man’s passion for illegal joyriding provides a novel perspective on life in Riyadh Programs and Events Herders Using Oculus Rift headsets, viewers plunge into the lives of nomadic yak herders in Mongolia Programs and Events How to Dance in Ohio Young adults on the autism spectrum face and conquer anxiety as they prepare for a formal dance. Programs and Events Icaros A young Shipibo man investigates the history of ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew used by shamans. Programs and Events Closing Night: In a Perfect World... A filmmaker and single mother in NYC observes the dramatic turn her relationship with her son takes as he enters high school and... Programs and Events The Invisibles (Die Unsichtbaren) Asylum-seekers in Germany encounter the grinding bureaucracy of Europe’s immigration crisis Programs and Events J'ouvert Brooklyn’s wildest party is a late-night festival that kicks off the West Indian Day Parade Programs and Events Juanita A fascinating window into the life of a Mayan traditional doctor, midwife, nurse, and activist Programs and Events Kasheer: Art, Culture and the Struggle for Azadi This film puts a distinctly human face on the disputed territory of Kashmir through the work of three local artists Programs and Events Khonsay: Poem of Many Tongues Sold out - 50 of the world’s endangered languages collide in a tour de force of poetic & cinematic styles Programs and Events Killing Time (Entre Deux Fronts) A small town in the Californian desert welcomes soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan Programs and Events Land of Songs A group of sprightly Lithuanian grandmothers keep their village’s folk-singing tradition alive Programs and Events The Ladies Ukrainian women in the East Village have gathered regularly for 50 years—to make dumplings! Programs and Events The Last Refuge (Le Dernier Refuge) Sold out - In the heart of Cambodia, the Bunong people resist corporate deforestation with traditional rituals Programs and Events Leaving Africa: A Story About Friendship and Empowerment A Finnish doctor and her partner fight for sex ed and gender equality in conservative Uganda Programs and Events Love Marriage in Kabul An orphan in love grapples with the realities of traditional marriage arrangements Programs and Events Matria Fernando Llanos embarks on a quest to learn about his grandfather, a distinguished but mysterious charro Programs and Events The New Man (El Hombre Nuevo) A character study of Stephania, Sandinista fighter, parking lot attendant, and trans woman Programs and Events One Dollar Series: The Guide Boy (Episode 5) Sold out - A spirited Cambodian 12-year-old works as a tour guide to support his ill and widowed father Programs and Events One Dollar Series: Lady Stone (Episode 3) Sold out - A woman who lost her husband and her livelihood tenaciously clings to dwindling hope Programs and Events One Dollar Series: Minister of Papaya (Episode 1) Sold out - With a motorbike and a sense of humor, a papaya salesman brings hope to the streets of Phnom Penh Programs and Events One Man’s Trash A veteran sanitation worker curates a museum of discarded objects in an East Harlem garage Programs and Events The Redfern Story A small group of Aboriginal activists jumpstart a civil rights movement with theater and song Programs and Events The Room of Bones (El Cuarto de los Huesos) A group of El Salvadoran forensic anthropologists unearths human remains in hopes of identifying victims of mass murder Programs and Events Rootless A family straddling city and country life embodies the fading of Mongolian culture in China Programs and Events Sailing a Sinking Sea Delve into the lives and culture of the seafaring Moken, a Southeast Asian ethnic group that relies on the ocean for every aspect... Programs and Events The Shore Break A proposed titanium mine on South Africa’s Wild Coast splits a community over its future Programs and Events Snapshot Mon Amour Disasters can have subtle effects beyond visible destruction. In post-Fukushima Japan, a filmmaker investigates unforeseen linguistic... Programs and Events Songlines on Screen: Goorrandalng: Brolga Dreaming A story song about the brolga, a crane native to Australia. Programs and Events Songlines on Screen: Naji A Goolarabooloo elder performs a creation myth from the Bugarregarre time (the dreamtime). Programs and Events Songlines on Screen: Tjawa Tjawa Mark Moora traces the route of a dreamtime story of his people. Programs and Events Sound Of A Million Insects, Light Of A Thousand Stars Buried overnight in an officially "safe,” decontaminated area 15 miles from Fukushima, 35-millimeter film still picks up the... Programs and Events The Tentmakers of Cairo A small souk preserves an ancient tradition of Arab fabric making in the midst of revolution. Programs and Events What Remains Spanish anthropologists investigate the mass graves of Franco’s legacy: 118,000 disappeared