Ever the Land

Sarah Grohnert
2015| 90 minutes | New Zealand, Aotearoa
U.S. Premiere | Director in Attendance

Journey to New Zealand and experience the remarkable story of one of the world’s first Living Buildings—buildings that produce as much energy as they use in a year, and capture and treat rainwater for all their needs for at least 12 continuous months. After 150 years of contentious political battles and illegal land grabs, the New Zealand government returned native lands to Māori tribes such as Ngāi Tūhoe in 2014. As a monument to their values and vision of self-governance, the Tūhoe decide to construct the Living Building, which becomes the film’s unifying character. Sarah Grohnert’s observational documentary immerses us in a culture that is tightly woven into its land and an architecture that is defined by its intention.

Co-presented by the Architecture & Design Film Festival