The New Man (El Hombre Nuevo)

Aldo Garay
2015 | 79 minutes | Uruguay, Chile, Nicaragua
New York Premiere 

Observing more than two decades of Stephania’s life, award-winning Uruguayan filmmaker Aldo Garay delivers the personal story of one woman that resonates on a universal level. Born in Nicaragua and adopted by Uruguayan leftists, Stephania, then known as Roberto, later became a Sandinista activist, fighting for political, social, and educational reform. Forced to leave the country, she ended up in Uruguay, where 20 years later she scrapes together a meager existence guarding parked cars on the streets of Montevideo. The New Man is a rich character study of a woman, whose identity is as equally shaped by poverty, war, and communist theory as it is by sexual politics, facing all that life throws at her with grace and humor.

Co-presented by the Brooklyn Community Pride Center

Thresholds, My Perspective

"The physical border between countries is, by definition, a transition territory where you can find the basic features of each side. Something similar happens with cinema, with the emotional borders, trying to find a place that identifies them and permits a step to the “other side”, to the unknown and disturbing, to the encounter with oneself and the others.

The new man is a story delimited by multiple borders, geographical, of identity, ethical, stylistics… In this aspect could be find its bigger virtue, in the attempt of crossing from one side to the other, paying the less possible price."

- Aldo Garay | Director, The New Man