Kolwezi on Air


Idriss Gabel
2016 | 72 mins
Country Featured: DR Congo
Country of Production: Belgium
NY Premiere 
Friday, October 14 | 6:30 pm | Program F15

In the Democratic Republic of Congo—a central African country of vast natural resources and a brutal history of conflict—independent local television stations embody the spirit of journalism, struggling courageously to document the difficulties of the country’s citizens. Nowhere is this altruistic drive to inform more pronounced than in Kolwezi, a wealthy mining city and the capital of the Lualaba Province of South Congo. There, reporters from RTMA, the largest local television channel, pursue stories with unbridled vigor and often at great personal risk. This fast-paced film mirrors the work of its subjects, encompassing hard-hitting political exposé, engrossing human interest, and crime drama.

Co-presented by the African Film Festival New York