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Amanecer (Dawn)

Carmen Torres
2018 | 78 mins
Country of Production: Spain
Country and Featured: Colombia
US Premiere | Director in Attendance

Carmen Torres never had a chance to ask about her birthmother because her adoptive mother died when Carmen was just 13. As an adult she is confronted with the impersonal nature of a bureaucratic adoption agency. When she decides to trace her biological roots to a rural community in Colombia, one question remains: why was she given up for adoption?

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical, Consulate General of Colombia in New York, and The Consulate General of Spain in New York



Resilience in Motion | In Their Own Words

“In the beginning, I thought that this film would give me answers on what I was supposed to be, as if I had lost my identity when my biological mother gave me away. But what the experience has shown me is that: the death of my mother, the feeling that I was lost, and finding my biological mother, didn’t take my own identity away from me, but made me as I am.

Making this film did not take me to discover a hidden truth but it showed that identity is always there and it is formed by all the changes, adapting over time, resisting, assimilating and absorbing everything that happens. The film is an exercise of memory that shows all this learning. What has endured and resisted, what is there and has always been despite everything, it’s in fact, what allows us to be what we are. Somehow, the film reminds us that one’s identity may be hidden or forgotten, even denied, but it’s always there.”

– Carmen Torres | Director, Amanecer (Dawn)