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Truth Detectives

Anja Reiss
2017 | 85 mins
Country of Production: Germany
Countries Featured: Colombia, Israel, Netherlands, Palestine, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom
US Premiere | Filmmakers in Attendance

In international war crimes investigations, the cover-up is often part of the crime. Now, by harnessing the capabilities of modern mobile phones, satellite images, and GPS data, investigators can get to the truth of human rights violations with the help of the people affected. Counter to the fear that data collection will lead to a dystopian nightmare, human rights activists, journalists, and lawyers use surveillance tools to expose human rights abusers.

A Q&A with filmmakers Anja Reiss and Jann Anderegg follows the screening.

With generous support provided by Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany New York

Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Contender