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Through the Artist's Lens

Friday, October 18

Man dressed in white with dreadlocks paints ceramic sculpture

A series of four short films celebrates artists from around the world.

Join us for a Q&A with the filmmakers after the screening!

Director: Tierney Brown
2019 | 20 min | USA
US Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance

Few know first-hand the personalities of colors like the artists at Kremer Pigments in New York City.

Cuban Canvas
Director: Kavery Kaul
2019 | 15 min | Cuba, USA
Filmmaker in Attendance

The bold vision of Cuba’s young artists marks the lines between art and life.

Cultural Activist—Maree Clarke
Director: Simon Rose
Producer: Richard Jameson
2018 | 13 min | Australia

Through supersized gold necklaces and clay Kopi skull caps, Indigenous Australian Maree Clarke enables people to actively reconnect with their cultures.

A Woman Who Paints Thangkas
Director: Ming Xue
Producer: Ming Xue
2019 | 25 min | China, USA 
US Premiere | Filmmaker in Attendance

Despite external pressures, Lutso does not give up on her trailblazing life as one of the first female painters of Tibetan thangka art.