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Bay of All Saints


Annie Eastman, Diane Markrow, and Davis Coombe
2012 | 74 mins | Brazil
New York City Premiere 

This moving account of the palafitas, the last of the notorious water slums in the Bay of All Saints in Bahia, Brazil, illuminates the struggle between a government aggressively trying to reclaim the bay in the name of ecological restoration and the hundreds of families forced to evacuate in the process. Filmed among the vast network of shacks built on stilts above a rising tide of garbage and scheduled for demolition, Bay of All Saints turns the plight of one community into a provocative contemplation on poverty, environmental justice, and the notion of home.

Co-presented by Cinema Tropical

Whose Story Is It?

"In Bay Of All Saints, Norato, the refrigerator repairman says, 'Here there are some things you can fix, and others you can't,' a reference both to the gerry-rigged infrastructure he dutifully repairs and also the cross generational heartaches he yearns to mend in the families he visits. This is one of many moments where we see the story through his lens, a lens that's constantly fixed on the story of the principal characters: three single mother families in transition. In this sense, Bay Of All Saints, is Norato's story of their story.  But taking a wider view, Bay Of All Saints is a tale of the basic human need for a place called home, a need that becomes more crucial when children come into the picture.  In that sense, the story belongs to people everywhere who live in severe poverty or are displaced.” 

-Annie Eastman | Director, Bay of All Saints