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The Opposition

The Opposition

The Opposition

Hollie Fifer
2016 | 77 minutes
Country of Production: Australia
Country Featured: Papua New Guinea
NY Premiere | Director in Attendance 

Local residents face off real estate developers in a story that highlights the dramatic change underway in Papua New Guinea. The 3,000 residents of the Paga Hill settlement are in danger of being forcibly evicted as developers plan a five-star hotel and marina. Community leader Joe Moses, an anthropologist/activist, battles in court for the rights of his people amid bigger questions about the ethics of globalization in developing countries.

Co-presented by the Australian Consulate-General New York, and the Bertha Foundation

Activate: My Perspective

“The Opposition is a weapon of hope created in collaboration with the Paga Hill community toward their future goals after years of human rights abuses and forced evictions. The process of making The Opposition has inspired me to learn from the momentous resistance movements of Papua New Guinea that are both strong and vulnerable at the same time.” 

—  Hollie Fifer | Director, The Opposition