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2018 Margaret Mead Film Festival Trailer

2018 Margaret Mead Film Festival Trailer



Video Opening Night Film: Stolen Daughters: Kidnapped by Boko Haram Meet the young Nigerian women who managed to escape from Boko Haram and see how they are adapting to life after their impriso... Video Amanecer (Dawn) A filmmaker's personal journey to find her birthmother explores the meaning of family. Video The Art of Moving Facing a gruesome civil war at home, the producers of a Syrian comedy news series struggle to keep their show —and themselves... Video A Bold Peace SOLD OUT–Since it disbanded its military 60 years ago, how has the government of Costa Rica managed to stay safe and put the... Video Special Screening: Capturing the Flag On Election Day in 2016, four volunteers stationed themselves at the polls in North Carolina, answering questions and working... Video Cedar Tree of Life Three women of the Salish peoples share their connections to cedar, the fragrant and durable tree of Canada’s Northwest Coast. Video Ceres From slaughtering pigs to tracking storms, four children in the boggy southwest of the Netherlands learn farm skills that sus... Video Ciao Babylon Nearly half of New York City’s estimated 400 spoken languages are disappearing. Daniel Kaufman and his team of linguists are... Video Con o Sin Papeles The reality of the migrant workforce comes to light through their stories and the eyes of a labor rights activist. Programs and Events Collectively: Bophana Center In this special showcase we present films from Bophana Center. Programs and Events Collectively: Maisha Film Lab In this special showcase we present films from Maisha Film Lab. Programs and Events Collectively: Vídeo nas Aldeias In this special showcase we present films from Video nas Aldeias. Video Eastern Memories Narration drawn from the writings of a late-19th-century linguist create a provocative sense of contrast against scenes of co... Programs and Events Emerging Visual Anthropologists Showcase In this special showcase we present four exciting ethnographic documentaries by emerging filmmakers. Video Ethiopiques–Revolt of the Soul SOLD OUT–Amid constant political turmoil and repression in 1960s and 70s Ethiopia, a brilliant new sound emerged, changing po... Video The Flying Friar (Leteći Fratar) A joyful priest uses the celebration and preservation of Croatian music and clothing to bring together long-divided communities. Video Genesis 2.0 What if scientists brought the woolly mammoth back from extinction? Follow two brothers as they search for the keys to a bioe... Video Graves Without a Name Filmmaker Rithy Panh explores the lasting effects of the Cambodian genocide through stories of those who have lost their fami... Video The Groove is Not Trivial Master fiddle teacher Alasdair Fraser’s journey with his fiddle becomes his liberation, and the catalyst for a global revival... Video The Guardians The Guardians flutters between colorful monarch butterflies searching for water in Central Mexico and Indigenous farmers guar... Video Gurrumul Renowned blind Indigenous musician Gurrumul faces a near impossible choice: stay home and lead his Aboriginal community or tr... Video Her Words Meet the last remaining writers of a 500-year-old secret language known only to women in Southern China. Video Landfall Explore the lingering traumatic effects of family separation at the U.S. border through the story of a mother and son who mig... Video Leitis in Waiting SOLD OUT–As the leitis or transgender women of Tonga fight for rights on a global level, they confront the bigotry of insurge... Video Mamacita An eccentric beauty tycoon invites her grandson, a filmmaker, into her castle-like home. In the end, does he see more than sh... Video Mother & Baby Survivors of Irish mother and baby homes for children conceived out of wedlock hope to heal and find the feeling of family th... Video The Mountain of SGaana A story unfolds on the blanket as it grows longer, illustrating the ancient tale of Haida master sea hunter Naa-Naa-Simgat an... Video Nothing is Forgiven She escaped a repressive regime in Morocco, then survived the attacks at Charlie Hebdo. Journalist Zineb El Rhazoui won’t sto... Video Nuuca Nuuca is a meditation on the violation of the Earth and sexual violence against young Indigenous women. Video Obscuro Barroco What is the essence of a city that is constantly changing? Queer Brazilian icon Luana Muniz lead us through Rio de Janeiro in... Video Special Screening: Personal Statement Three high schoolers from underfunded Brooklyn schools become leaders in the fight for educational equity, while helping thei... Video Playing Hard Developing a hit video game requires creativity, discipline, and the ability to remain cool under pressure. Does this team ha... Video Rituals of Resistance A Tibetan-American filmmaker explores modes of resistance to Chinese occupation by speaking with activists across generations. Video Runners (Biegacze) A nearly 150 mile race can bring out the most extreme pain and joy imaginable. What pushes the runners to the race at all–and... Video Sex Spirit Strength Two Indigenous men in Canada explore the trauma of the colonial legacy, grapple with their health and identity, and find new... Video The Sign for Love Elad Cohen grew up deaf and gay in a hearing family in Israel. He decides to have and raise a baby with his best friend Yaeli... Video The Sound of Bells (O Som dos Sinos) For the people of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the sound of church bells connects them to something larger than themselves. Video Strangers Ourselves Eighty-six-year-old Elizabeth Rapley has sponsored 92 refugees in Canada since 1979 and she’s showing no signs of stopping. Video Swim Lesson What does it feel like to learn something new as an adult? Follow a novice swimmer over the course of one swim lesson. Video Tara's Footprint SOLD OUT–Four young siblings living in Khechuperi, a sacred village in the Himalayas, balance their spiritual practice with t... Video Tibetan Nomads in Exile While living in exile in India, 2,300 Tibetan refugees continue to practice their traditional nomadic way of life. Video Truth Detectives Counter to the fear that data collection will lead to a dystopian nightmare, activists today use surveillance tools to expose... Video Archival Film: Uksuum Cauyai (The Drums of Winter) Indigenous Yup’ik Alaskan elders revive their once-outlawed ceremonial potlatch, dramatizing their long-standing resilience w... Video Virgin Blacktop A love of skateboarding brings nine suburban boys together as one of the best crews in the Northeast and causes them to popul... Video Walking Backwards into the Future An ancient design by Tongan artist Benjamin Work is projected into contemporary NYC and becomes part of a neighborhood’s vibr... Video Warrior Women Forty years fighting for Indigenous rights in America have bonded a mother and daughter as comrades in a multi-generational p... Video What the Wind Took Away After their homeland is burned, two Yazidi women in a Turkish refugee camp work to find comfort and home in a state of transi... Video What Walaa Wants SOLD OUT–Growing up in a refugee camp, Walaa dreams of joining the Palestinian Security Forces; can this rebellious young wom...