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The Mead at Human Rights Watch Film Festival

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The Margaret Mead Film Festival is excited to announce that it will co-present the screening of When Two Worlds Collide, directed by Heidi Brandenburg and Mathew Orzel, at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. 

What happens when the thirst for power and riches takes priority over human life? The Amazon rain forest, one of the planet’s most valuable natural resources, is being auctioned off, and its people condemned. Alberto Pizango, a young indigenous leader fighting to make the voices of indigenous Peruvians heard, stands up to political leaders and is accused of conspiracy and inciting violence. 

Set against the backdrop of a global recession and an ongoing climate crisis, When Two Worlds Collide was awarded the World Cinema Documentary prize for best first feature at the Sundance Film Festival. This film reveals the human side of the battle to shape the future of the Amazon—an important global ecosystem that is already on the brink 

Tickets are available now for the following screening:

Thursday, June 16 | 8:45 pm