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2016 Top 5: AMNH Videos

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2016 is coming to a close! Instead of binge watching TV over the holidays, how about giving your brain a boost? Instead of politics, your family can argue over whether the universe is a simulation! 

Here are five of your favorite videos from the last year at the Museum, and don’t forget—you can always find more great content on our YouTube channel.


Human Populations Through Time

Got a couple minutes? Then we can catch you up on the whole history of humanity—give or take.


2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?

Is the world even, like, real, man? Philosophers and physicists take on the notion that perhaps our reality isn't all it’s cracked up to be.

Meet the Titanosaur

The fourth-floor fossil halls added a new centerpiece this year—the fossil cast of a 122-foot-long Titanosaur, one of the biggest sauropods ever to roam the planet. See how it all came together here.


Transformation: Dinosaurs to Birds

This year, the special exhibition Dinosaurs Among Us explored the unbroken line between ancient dinosaurs and modern birds—a connection that’s beautifully illustrated in this animation. 

January 2, 2017 is the final day to view the Dinosaurs Among Us exhibition. Get your tickets now!


Distant Quasars: Shedding Light on Black Holes

Black holes emit no light, making them notoriously hard for astronomers to study. But a Museum-led team is getting around that little problem by using a cosmic magnifying glass—one the size of a galaxy. 


That’s all for now, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for more media from the past year, including our favorite Facebook Live videos and podcasts.