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Celebrate World Wildlife Day with Museum Researchers

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It’s World Wildlife Day, and we’re celebrating by bringing you some of our favorite conversations with Museum researchers about the animals they study all over the world.

Primatologist Mary Blair, director of biodiversity informatics research at the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, leads off with a discussion of her work in Vietnam monitoring the status of nocturnal primates known as slow lorises. Learn all about these adorable—and venomous—tree-dwellers in the video below!



Curious about what’s happening in the Museum’s iconic moose diorama? Curator Ross MacPhee took time out on Valentine’s Day to explain what moose courtship looks like and share other facts about these amazing antlered animals. 



Center for Biodiversity and Conservation researcher Rae Wynn-Grant talks about her wildlife studies, which have taken her from the mountains of the American southwest to the jungles of Madagascar. 



And if you want to meet wildlife on their own terms—and get a break from the cold this weekend—you can visit the Museum’s Butterfly Conservatory to see hundreds of free-flying butterflies and moths in a tropical vivarium. 


Child looks through magnifying glass at a butterfly drinking from an orange slice.
See hundreds of butterflies in a tropical vivarium at The Butterfly Conservatory.
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