Podcast: SciCafe—Microbial Worlds of the Deep Sea with Jeffrey Marlow

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Gas bubbles float up from the sea floor with crabs and anemones on the rocky surface. NOAA OKEANOS Explorer Program

Only a fraction of the oceans’ floors have been explored, yet scientists already know that microbial communities are thriving in the extreme and often bizarre landscapes of the deep sea. Harvard University geobiologist Jeffrey Marlow shares findings from his expeditions to the bottom of the oceans—including investigations of microbes that consume 90 percent of the methane coming up from the seafloor—and highlights the growing need to protect these communities which we’re only just beginning to understand.  

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This program is made possible by OceanX, an initiative of the Dalio Foundation, as part of its generous support of the special exhibition Unseen Oceans and its related educational activities and public programs.