Explore21: Expedition to the Solomon Islands—The Expedition Begins

American Museum of Natural History scientists dove deep to investigate creatures that illuminate the ocean, and to better understand how and why they transform light. In this video, see underwater creatures in colors that are usually invisible to the human eye. 

This video is first in a series of three:

The Expedition | The Fish | The Tech

Explore21 is a new Museum initiative to support scientific exploration that integrates fieldwork with emerging technologies, unlocking secrets of the natural world.

This program is proudly sponsored by the Irma and Paul Milstein Family.

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the Dalio Foundation for its generous support of the inaugural Explore21 expedition.

The Museum’s Explore21 Initiative is generously supported by the leadership contributions of Katheryn P. and Thomas L. Kempner Jr., and Linda R. and William E. Macaulay.

The research presented here was funded by National Geographic Waitt Grants W214-12 and W101-10.

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